Autumn hiking on Greek Kythnos island to see new routes, culture

Acropolis 21r

x Vryokastro excavation uncovers ancient Acropolis area
x Trail around Aghios Dimitrios to premiere in September
x Bookings available until end-October, and from April 2022

After attending the start of Professor Alexander Mazarakis's summer excavations in July, Kythnos Hiking ( plans to return to the Greek island's 2500-year-old ancient city Vryokastro as well as pursuing other autumn highlights such as two new routes, including in the so far unexplored south of the island.

The photograph (above) taken and supplied by Mazarakis shows his team hard at work looking for buildings on the Acropolis area of the city where there was a temple to Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and harvest. Mazarakis and the state have only recently had access to this part of Vryokastro previously owned by farmers.

Mazarakis said his findings this year "exceeded our expectations", though details will only be released "soon" after vetting by the Greek Culture Ministry which sponsors the dig.

The trail around Aghios Dimitrios will start at the beach and go up a trail through the Petrousa area where there is interesting geology and the possibility of heading to a beach. Then the trail goes up to near Aghios Mamas church before crossing the main road and continuing on the Panorama-Maistrali track to the headland.

From the high point we have developed a route down to Alyki beach - small and without trees - before walking around to Aghios Dimitrios beach and a restorative lunch at the Milas restaurant. (Milas is included in our top beach bars because of its proximity to the sea.)

The other new route consists of the path Hora to Aghios Stephanos in a downhill direction. Then around the coast to Naoussa and Kouri before up to Dryopida. The two trails comprising this route are in the Kythnos Hiking Guide.

We have availability for most weeks for our popular 6-day tour up until the last week of October. Then we are open for bookings from April 2022. The website has details of trails and an efficient booking system.