Nature/wildlife tour launches 2024 season for Kythnos Hiking on Greek island haven

Fritillaria obliqua tuntasia

(Photo above of the indigenous black Kythnos fritillary [fritillaria-obliqua-tuntasia], possbly the smaller original of the black Dutch tulip)

x 25 March nature tour price 710 euro/person
x Orchids, birds, round-the-island boat trip
x Orthodox Easter heads April hiking tours

Greek island tour operator Kythnos Hiking ( starts its 2024 season at the end of March with its once-a-year nature and wildlife tour to view exotic flowers and migrating birds.

There are still places to book here on the reduced price six-day nature tour which starts on 25 March with a ferry trip to the island from Lavrio and possible sighting of dolphins and giant manta rays in the sea.

Exotic flowers such as various orchids and indiginous black fritillary are the highlights of the nature tour and can be seen during a short window at the end of March and early April before colourful spring flowers.

Also during this period migrating birds such as herons and birds of prey start arriving on the island.

During our boat trip around the island we hope to see rare monk seals on the coast, while being careful not to invade their privacy. Last summer some seals were spotted visiting beaches.

The tour will be guided by leading Greek naturalist David Koutsogiannopoulos (

Proper hiking tours will start on Monday 15 April, which is guaranteed to go, followed by a guaranteed tour for the Orthodox Easter celebration starting on the 29 April which includes special foods, village processions, music and dancing.