Kythnos Hiking quiz tests your knowledge of Greek island

The vogue by travel magazines for quizzes to test their readers knowledge requires Kythnos Hiking ( to launch its own quiz. The idea is to partly test previous guests on what they recall and encourage them to come again. Also to enlighten and amuse others on the attributes of the Greek island only two hours from the mainland and encourage people to visit. We have chosen serious and less serious themes for our brief quiz including history, religion, nature and food. Expect more quizzes.

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Q1. How old is the Vryokastro ancient city on Kythnos?

a) 3000 years old

b) 2500 years old

c) 500 years BC

d) 500 AD

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Q2. What is the technical name for this geographic formation - a beach with water on two sides

a) A drumbeat

b) A tombolo

c) A high hat

d) A tamberine

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Q3.Can you explain the location of Dryopida village (above) in the middle of the island:

a) Hidden in a valley so pirates could not see it from the sea

b) To organise the best fields for sheep and goats to graze nearby

c) To be near to Katafiki cave for a quick get-away location

d) As the point for starting a trip on the ridge to the south

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Q4. What is this church (above) and Kanala, its location, renowned for:

a) Being named after the channel between it and Serifos island

b) The site of a historic icon pulled out of the sea

c) Hosting a big religious celebration each year in mid-August

d) Boasting three beaches all to itself

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Q5. What is the name of this Kythnos cheese delicacy

a) Sambuca

b) Sfougato

c) Strapatsada

d) Sassuola

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Q6. What is the highest hill on Kythnos

a) Profitis Ilias

b) Aghios Konstantinos

c) Kakovolo (above)

d) Aghios Dimitrios

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Q7. Why is the walk to Kastro Orias one of walkers' favourites. Because of its

a) spectacular headland location

b) tragic history of Turkish invasion around 1570

c) nature attractions of birds of prey, exotic flowers

d) origins for modern day Hora

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Q8. Which is the most popular site for island weddings

a) The Merichas disco Akritiri

b) Kanala church and neighbouring bars

c) Flambouria's church on a beach headland (above)

d) Hora church and taverna

Martes foina1

Q9 Can you identify this animal, one of the few mammals to live on Kythnos.

a) Is it a Greek fox

b) Is it a beech marten

c) Is it a pine marten

d) Is it a species of Kythnos cat.

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(Picture of island capital Hora above.)

Here are the quiz answers, including some tricky questions/answers:

A1. Both b) and c) are correct. For more information on the excavation click here.

A2. Kythnos's iconic beach Kolona is b) a tombolo. There are just over 20 similar beaches in Greece with this morphology.

A3. a) is the correct answer.

A4. Probably all four answers are correct.

A5. Kythnos's cheese balls are sfougato, b). c) strapatsada is another tasty island dish. For more on fine Kythnos dining click here.

A6. Kakovolo is the highest hill at 355 metres altitude

A7. Walking guests and guides see all four as reasons for Orias popularity. For more information click here.

A8. All four answers could be correct. But we don't have numbers to prove it.

A9. The correct answer is b). The beech marten is shy and retiring and unfortunately they are usually found dead on the road.

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