Strong reviews power Kythnos Hiking popularity; availability for June, autumn

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 (Photo: Crowds mill around the Kythnos Archeological Museum which opened this month. Kythnos Hiking will take guests to see the museum contents
 which date from as far back as 10000 years, but mostly 500BC.)

 x Lots of 5-star reviews
 x Sifnos tour to go ahead September
 x Good availability in June, autumn

 Hiking on the Greek island of Kythnos ( has had a strong spring both with good numbers and also
 guests writing very favourable reviews about the tours.

 The reviews are on Tripadvisor, where one guest said "fantastic" tour, on Responsible Travel, another said "highly recommended,
 and on our own site a guest said "absolutely professional".

 For new bookings, we have good availability for the 6-day Kythnos tour on 12 June and the tour on 10 July. In Autumn there is
 availability for 4 September and 25 September tours.

 For Serifos, there will be 5-day tours on 9 September and 30 September. If you have a decent size group we can fit you in on other
 dates on either island.

 Our first Sifnos tour will be for 5 days from 13 September. It is in final planning and price is seen below 600 euro/person. At this
 period it will coincide with the Cyclades cooking festival.

 Sifnos, the island after Serifos in the west Cycladic chain, boasts a 2nd millenium pre-Christ Mycenae city, the Venetian Kastro
 village, the 650-metre high Profitis Ilias monastery, and beaches.

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