Sifnos quiz: test your knowledge of our latest Greek Cycladic island with walking tours

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(Photo above: arrival at the Sifnos port of Kamares)

Sifnos, the latest addition to Kythnos Hiking's ( roster of Greek hiking islands, has many attributes from the religious, historical, cultural and natural fields. Like our quiz on neighbouring Serifos island which can be found here, we hope the Sifnos quiz is enlightening as well as entertaining. Book your tours to all three islands, including Kythnos, here. Quiz answers below the questions.

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Q1 The Venetian city of Kastro (above by the sea) was the capital of Sifnos until what year?
a) 1617
b) 1821
c) 1836
d) 1901

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(Photo: in the streets of Kastro)
Q2 What is the current capital of the island?
a) Kamares
b) Apollonia
c) Chrisopigi
d) Platy Gialos

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Q3 How high is the highest point on the island, the Profitis Ilias monastry in photo above?
a) 579 metres
b) 621 metres
c) 680 metres
d) 730 metres

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Q4 Why are the walking paths ( so good on Sifnos?
a) The 19 paths extend to 200 kilometres.
b) The municipality supports cleaning and signing paths.
c) The paths visit most key places on the island.
d) The path network is ideal for holidays in the lower season.

 Q5. The Mycenae citadel (walls in the photo above) is Sifnos's oldest settlement. What attributes does it have?
a) The views are fantastic all around.
b) It has a stoney path or a road for cars to climb up.
c) It hosts a 3000 plus-year-old archeological site.
d) Its museum is one of the best on the island.

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(Photo of lanes between Artemon and Apollonia).
Q6 Where is the liveliest night life on the island?.
a) Kamares
b) Apollonia
c) Artemon
d) Platis Gialos

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(Photo above of September Sifnos televised cooking festival)
Q7 Who is Sifnos's most famous cook who became known more widely?
a) Elizabeth David
b) Isabella Beeton
c) Nikolaos Tselemedes
d) Delia Smith

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Q8 Where are the best beaches on Sifnos island?
a) Kamares
b) Platis Gialos
c) Faros
d) Vathi

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(Photo: Chrisopigi monastery in south of the island)

Answers to the quiz questions are as follows:

A1. The answer is c). The position of Kastro on a hill above the sea and the location of the ancient acropolis became a less useful location in modern times and ceased to be capital in 1836. The Kastro remains an attractive location to visit and is interesting archeologically and architecturally.

A2. The answer is b). Apollonia became the capital in 1836 once the island was restored to its Greek ownership during the War of Independence from 1821. It is central in the island, ideal as a base for commercial activities and not far from the port of Kamares.

A3. The answer is c). The highest point of Sifnos is the Profitis Ilias monastery at 680 metres. It is accessed via a rugged path from Apollonia or intermediate points on the trail network. Apart from the monk cells there is a pretty church in the monastery and great views.

A4 . All the answers are correct. The municipality support is key to the upkeep and signing of the Sifnos trails network. The paths reach most bays and high points on the island and pass churches, villages and beaches. One objective is to attract off-season guests.

A5. Aghios Andreas is the site of a Mycenae era citadel which was occupied from as much as 2000 years before Christ at various times. Excavations have revealed foundations of houses, a double-skinned protective wall and gateways. A museum gives good explanations.

A6. On Sifnos, there is a choice of locations for good, eating, drinking and dancing. The lanes around Apollonia and Artemon host a variety of taverna, bars and places to dance to traditional or western music. Beachside towns of Kamares and Platis Gialos also buzz of an evening.

A7. Answer is c), Nikolaos Tselemedes who died 1958 after a lifetime of cooking across Greece and Europe. His influence lives on via his cookbook Odigos Mageirikis, literally Cooking Guide, and the annual cooking festival in Artemon every September on the island.

A8. Answer is that all beaches have their attributes, popularity and beauty. Kamares is by the port and one of the biggest in the north-west; Platis Gialos is popular in the south; Faros is three small beaches just east of the Chrisopigi monastery and beach; and Vathi is in the south west.

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