Sifnos adds lustre to range of Kythnos Hiking's Greek walking tours

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(Photo: On Sifnos, the view from Panagia Poulati down the coast to Kastro.)

x Strong reviews from September walkers
x Booking still available for October
x 2024 tour dates, pricing under study

Kythnos Hiking (, the Greek Cycladic walking tour operator, successfully added Sifnos island to its roster of destinations in September finding many historic locations, sandy beaches, and eating well.

Sifnos is a complement to the allure of Serifos with its magnificent Hora, mining story, and professional wine; while Kythnos boasts its ancient excavations, abundant beaches, enchanting traditional villages and fine taverna dining.

"An excellent 2023 addition to Kythnos Hiking's repertoire of Cycladic islands for walking tours, local culture and events... Sifnos is quite upmarket and has a wealth of interesting hiking trails, coastal paths and great things to see and do," said walker from Rotterdam on Tripadvisor.

Our Kythnos tours continue to attract 5-star reviews such as in September from a Scottish walker who after citing historic walks said: "But in all honesty all the walks are excellent and very enjoyable and [the guides] are very friendly and adaptable."

We still have good availability for the remaining 2023 walks on Kythnos in October.

Next year, we will continue with guided walking on all three islands The 2024 season will start on 25 March with our six-day Kythnos nature tour, including a round the island boat trip and in a minibus to maximise sightings.

Another highlight for 2024 will be the Greek Easter tour on Kythnos from 29 April with a 2-day supplement extending over Easter Sunday on 5 May. This year the religious events were profound and the music exciting.