Hiking powers ahead on Kythnos Greek island; prices unchanged to year-end

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(Photo: Walkers at the Panaghia tou Nikous monastery/school; Hora village behind

x Hot weather eases, sea remains warm for swimming, snorkel
x 2023 booking available for all tours from March nature
x Price unchanged for 2023 booked by year-end 2022

Hiking on the Greek island of Kythnos (http://www.kythnoshiking.com) will power ahead in September and October as the hot weather eases but the sea remains warm for swimming during our midday breaks along with our range of other afternoon options.

We had a strong spring/summer season of walking across the island from traditional villages, to historic sites such as the 2500-year-old ancient city and a Byzantine castle, always ending on a sandy beach for swimming, sea kayak, snorkel or a massage.

Walker reviews (click here) produced a raft of recommendations on the beauty of the island, the organisation of the walks, the meals, and the affordable price of the tour.

Despite sharp inflation, we will be keeping our prices unchanged for the remaining September and October tours and we offer 2023 tours at the current price if booked by the year end.

However, price rises for ferries of up to 20 percent, for accommodation, meals, and the occasional island transfer will probably require a tour price uplift at the end of the year. So the clear mesage for potential hikers is to book soon for this year and next,

Online booking is available here and requires only a 20 percent deposit. The booking system is efficient and reliable with good support and requires final payment just before the holiday.

For further information contact Nigel Tutt via this email or at 0030 693 7788 764.