Lizards, snakes are benign reptile species on Kythnos nature tour - slideshow

 1Podarcis erhardii CJ42 36 Lacerta trilineata hansschweizeri BX13Kotschyis gecko BX4r4 Ocellated skink BX1r5 Elaphe quatuorlineata CJ8r6 9 Dolichophis caspius BX47 44 Pelophylax kurtmuelleri BX1

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Among reptiles, lizards and geckos are frequently seen on wildlife tours organised by Kythnos Hiking ( Often they have a prehistoric likeness to dinosaurs, albeit in miniature. Less easily seen are snakes, which are more frightened of humans than we of them, and will scurry away at the sound of footsteps. However a patient quiet pause can reward with a fine photo of a scaly snake. Frogs are often seen in watery pools and heard all day unseen in valleys. Our naturalist Davd Koutsogiannopoulos has supplied the photos from a previous visit. The slideshow presents just a small sample of the reptiles seen on our Greek island. Booking for our next six-day wildlife tour on Kythnos can be found here.