Hiking season seen starting in May on Kythnos, Greek island as Covid virus ebbs

x Greek govt favours vaccine certificates for travel
x Photo slideshows present range of Kythnos activities
x Easy booking on www.kythnoshiking.com, prices unchanged in 2021

May is looking to be the lift-off time for hiking holidays on the Greek island of Kythnos when Covid restrictions reduce and the impact of vaccinations eases the ability to travel to this historic and traditional island with its many beaches.

Our nature tours at the end of March are looking in danger of cancellation as are standard walking tours in April. Extensions of Greece's current lockdowns and 7-day quarantines still have an uncertain end-date.

Greek government officials had forecast the start of May, when the Orthodox Easter takes place, as the launch date for this year's tourism. More recently there is some suggestion of this slipping.

"We want people coming to Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy to feel safe and that they are not entering a red zone," Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in media reports this week.

"I believe that this will happen in the spring or definitely summer as we will have vaccinated a significant percentage of the population," he said.

Another factor will be the promotion of vaccine certificates, favoured strongly by the Greek government, and their acceptance either on an EU-wide basis or in bilateral deals with individual countries.

A further proviso will be the rules in guests own countries restricting travel. Kythnos Hiking will continue to advise on the Greek situation.

In the meantime, we have pleasure in presenting our series of 10 photographic slideshows from last year. Click on the headlines below to reach the slideshows:

Delightful donkeys, mules light up Kythnos trails
Traditional Kythnos villages host walkers across Greek island
Vryokastro finds show off Kythnos's ancient history
Kythnos has most beaches in Greek Cycladic islands
Music, culture keep Kythnos's strong traditions alive
Serifos walks entertain with history and culture
Highs of Kastro Orias reveal slice of Kythnos history
Kythnos sea kayak, snorkel ideal mid-day break in heat
Multitude of churches reflect Kythnos's religious fervour
Cheese, honey, wine lead Kythnos farming activity

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