Hiking resumes on Greek island Kythnos after virus lockdown

x Flights, ferries running normally with masks mandatory
x Island, hotel, taverna, bar following health protocols
x Slideshows on churches, cheese, honey, wine activities

Walking has re-started on the Greek island of Kythnos after the long period of virus lockdown around Europe and elsewhere in the world, says Kythnos Hiking (www.kythnoshiking.com) which runs tours to the island and to its neighbour in the West Cyclades, Serifos.

As a further encouragement to come and join the walking we publish two more slideshows on island activities. The first on the multitude of churches across the island (here); and the second on farming activities such as goats, cheese, honey and wine production (here).

Among our partners in the walking, the Filoxenia hotel in the Hora, the island capital, which we use for accommodation of walking guests is being very thorough in its use of perspex panels, masks for staff, and choice of the correct products for cleaning.

A similar situation is found in taverna and bars across the island. Clearly guests do not have to wear masks when they are eating or drinking.

For the walking itself, as explained in previous news items and following industry guidelines, walkers must remain at least two metres apart on the trail and retain distancing when the guide is explaining points of interest. In closer situations masks must be worn.

For flights to Greece, guests will have to file the PLF form with the Greek authorities and print out the confirmation statement from the the authorities before flying. This is a straightforward procedure and has been running smoothly for arrivals at Athens airport.

Kythnos Hiking will supply guests with the internet link to the PLF form when we send out the detailed walking programme two weeks before the holiday. Also we will send out the ferryquestionnaire---domestic.pdf which is even more straightforward than the PLF.

We are running guaranteed six-day tours to Kythnos on Mondays 24 August, 7 September and 14 September. There will be a five-day tour to Serifos on 29 August.

We have availability on all these tours and for all other dates up to the end of October.

For further information email Nigel Tutt (tuttnigel@hotmail.com) or telephone 0030 693 7788 764.