Kythnos nature finds accumulate in spring visit as birds migrate, flowers appear

Bottlenose Dolphin Butterfly Orchid Cuckoo Giant Peacock Moth Kythnos Hora from Kakovoulo summit Hyoscyamus Aureus Ibis Stilt Kythnos Fritillary Kythnos Wall Lizard Lesser Kestrel Ophrys Sancti Isidorii Purple Heron Sardinian Warbler Sawfly Orchid Kythnos Landscape

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x Orchids abound in Kythnos, other rare species
x Herons, birds of prey, glossy ibis stop on wetlands
x Sea birds visible on cliffs, monk seal presence

Greek Naturalist David Koutsogiannopoulos, the Kythnos nature guide, has found a treasure trove of birds and flowers during a visit to the island as part of preparations for serious, scientific nature tours on Kythnos. 

Because Kythnos remains off the list of mass tourism destinations and has received few botanic scientists, the species on the island remain many, including the birds which pass by in spring and autumn on migration. 

Even before David arrived on the island, outside Lavrio port, he spotted a family of bottlenose dolphins leaping playfully in the air. 

On the island on the beaches Apokrousi and Episkopi in the west of the island - in summer a haven for tourists - he found several species of heron, the glossy ibis, little egret, stilts, shanks, and sandpipers. 

Among flowers, the discoveries included bee orchids and other varieties, as well as fritillaries such as the black mini-tulip flower which is endemic to Kythnos and comes out in certain fields. 

There were plenty of seabirds and birds of prey, some of which would be best discovered via a boat trip around the island. Fishermen have also confirmed the presence of the rare monk seal in small numbers around the island. 

Kythnos Hiking hopes to launch nature tours shortly aimed at serious naturalists.