Terms and conditions - Hiking holidays

1. Holiday confirmation

For a booking we require completion of the online booking procedure, including via credit or debit card, or a hard copy form scanned and then sent by email. Our online booking system levies an automatic deposit and a larger final payment at the time of the holiday.

Booking via hard copy will also result in an initial deposit and subsequent final payment. We will advise you of the deposit when we process the booking. The deposit should be paid direct to the bank account of Fermina Hotel Ltd, the operator of the holidays.

Fermina's bank account is with National Bank of Greece. The IBAN for the account is GR52 0110 1980 0000 1982 0189 348 and BIC/SWIFT code is ETHNGRAAXXX.

When we have received your deposit we will send you confirmation of your holiday. The detailed programme and the final payment request will be supplied about a week before you arrive. We will give you an invoice at the end of your holiday.

By completing the booking form and successfully paying for the holiday, the customer is assumed to have read and agreed to all these terms and conditions. The customer is thus subject to these terms and conditions. See point 6 below for more details.

2. Cancellation charges

The company will partially refund a booking under the following conditions:
Cancellation five days before the holiday starts - we refund 50 percent
Cancellation within 5-0 days before the holiday - no refund except in exceptional circumstances.

Late changes to a booking, such as a different week for the holiday, will be accommodated as much as possible, but could lead to an additional fee.

3. During the trip, changes to the programme

The customer accepts the decisions of the tour guide and organiser, subject to reasonable discussion, during the trip. If the customer behaves in an unacceptable manner, then he or she can be excluded by the company from the rest of the tour without compensation.

The organiser has the right to change the itinerary during the holiday for safety or other technical reasons such as weather, strikes and so on. Ferry changes, out of the organisers hands, may also bring tour changes.

In the case of a health or medical problem for a customer, the company will endeavour to resolve the situation in the best way possible. However, depending on the circumstances, it may seek to recover medical expenses from the customer.

4. Extra holiday expenses

What is included in the holidays and what is covered by payment are clearly set out in the booking details and application forms. Any additional costs, such as evening drinks, will be paid for by the customer when incurred.

5. Complaints

We require any complaints or demands for a refund to be filed within 10 working days of the end of the holiday. We will examine all the circumstances and respond, and if necessary, pay a refund within 10 days from receiving the complaint.

We aim to resolve any dispute in a friendly fashion. If this is not possible the exclusive jurisdiction for resolving disputes is the court of Athens in Greece.

6. Responsibility, disclaimer

The walking holidays are designed for those with an adequate fitness for walking 12 kilometres a day. Walkers should come prepared with the correct shoes and equipment for the conditions. For most of the season, the trails will be dry. We recommend long trousers because some paths are overgrown. We do not advise young children and old people to participate because of the rough, mule track terrain on many of the trails. Further details on preparation are provided in the Kythnos Hiking Guide (published by Terrain Editions in March 2015), which is given to each customer free of charge at the start of the hiking holiday. Our guides hold First Aid certificates to deal with any emergency injuries or medical issues.

Fermina Hotel Ltd, the operator of the holidays, is properly and legally licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO-EOT), licence number 0206E60000513701 and has lodged required bank guarantee with GNTO (EOT).

The company is also a member of the Hellenic Association of Tourist and Travel Agencies (HATTA) with membership number 2230.

In addition the company holds a travel agent's professional indemnity insurance liability policy issued by AIG Europe Limited which includes cover for any financial failure of Fermina and for traveller repatriation.

To ensure insurance cover for walkers, each walker is required to declare upon booking that he or she has no serious health problems and is capable of participating in the hiking. Also that each walker is aware of the risks in participating in the holiday, the possible consequences of an accident, and accepts such risks of their own free will.

The customer's health and safety is our primary concern and we endeavour to limit the risks. This policy guides our choice of routes and the use of experienced guides. We also rely on walkers' own good sense.

We recommend that the customer takes out adequate personal accident and/or travel insurance for the duration of their trip to cover medical expenses, including the cost of repatriation, helicopter and ambulance emergency medical evacuation and assistance - rescue.

Fermina Hotel Ltd, Spefsippou 23, Athens 10675; tel: 0030 693 7788764. The company's AFM tax number is 800468305 of the Athens Delta tax office..