Kythnos Nature Guide to aid walkers on island hiking holidays

Kythnos Hiking has published a limited edition nature guide to the Greek island's flora and fauna with hundreds of photos to help walkers identify the many birds, reptiles, mammals, butterflies, insects, and plants that inhabit the island.

In particular, the 28-page guide gives a month-by-month calendar for when to see over 80 birds that guide author David Koutsogiannopoulos says either can be seen permanently on the island or when they migrate through Kythnos.

"The two characteristics that make Kythnos one of the greatest places to experience nature in the Cyclades is that first, mainstream tourism hasn't yet discovered the island so everything here is the same as it was decades before," he says.

"Second, Kythnos is still an island with very few visits by scientists and the great discoveries of flora and fauna are yet to come," the leading Greek naturalist says.

The rugged coastline of the island provides caves and small bays where seals find refuge. David, who has a passion and has written about Greek fish, presents photographs of nearly 60 underwater animals to be found in the waters around the island.

Kythnos Island, a Nature Guide is sponsored by Hotel Galatas ( and is only available in a limited hard copy edition for those who undertake one of our walks.

David will lead a six-day nature-themed walk on the week beginning 17 October this year and 24 April 2017 operated by Kythnos Hiking and sold by nature tour operator Natural Greece on Kythnos Island-Greece.